What happens after summer? What happens when all the summer staff leave? What do we do when the summer season grows colder? We go on. Many people are surprised by that, but it is true. We have groups here all the time. They usually become weekend groups when school picks back up, but we have a busy and full schedule during our weekends in the fall. Meals are still being made, so are beds, and we are still belaying people up the rock wall. The pressure of the summer turn around (cleaning rooms as groups leave before the next one moves in) has grown only a little slower.

Life here at camp proceeds as normal, there are still many needs to be met, and water lines to fix, and plenty of back burner projects that get moved to priority, and that can be wonderful. But let me tell you, the ministry is the same, whether it’s little ones here for a weekend, or wise ladies here to quilt. We still want this camp to be the place where others encounter God in the stillness and serenity of the mountain. This camp is still focused on making sure that we serve with radical hospitality and smiles that point others to Jesus. And we are still prayerfully wading through another camp expansion so that even more can encounter God here, at Sacramento.

So yes, the pace has changed. The help we had in the bustling summer months have mostly returned to their homes and schools, but our hearts remain steadfast in the mission to be a retreat for the weary in all the ways that a soul can crave rest. Regardless of the season, or the season you find your self in, we at Sacramento would love to have you here.