The ladies of camp recently finished a Bible study that started at the beginning of summer. It takes us a while to finish a study during our busy season, finding days to work, and times that matched everyone’s schedule was hard, so some weeks were missed, some weeks had our a large group including summer staff, and some were small and intimate. We had quite the privilege of being led in our study by Stacy Sanchez of Heartprints Of God , through a video series called Everyday Jesus.

The premise is simple. It challenged us to look for Jesus in new ways, using scripture found in the gospels that shows Jesus in a new light, showing him doing something unexpected, yet true to his character. The application however, is not as straightforward. What would our lives look like if we gave a generously as Jesus, if we confronted religious ritual like he did, if we approached the people that Jesus loves and spend time with in Christ-like love? How different would our lives be? How different should our lives be? As Christians, difference should be the mark of our lives.

Camp often brings out the best, our most spiritual selves. We often call it the “Mountain Top Experience”. At camp, or a on a retreat where the whole time is focused on your relationship with God, it’s easy to focus in on being the Christian you are supposed to be, or maybe commit to getting rid of certain habits, or make big changes in your spiritual life. Those are good things, and we are glad that camp can provide those opportunities, but down in the valleys, what does that same promise and commitment look like?

That was the great part about this study, because even those in ministry can get in a rut spiritually. The question becomes not just what does God want me to do, but who does God want me to be? Walking everyday with Jesus is an identity, not just a series of big life events, of Sundays, and mission trips. Have you signed up for the life change that he wants to offer?

Mountaintops are for views and inspiration, but fruit is grown in the valleys.” – Billy Graham