What ever happened to silence?

It seems we can not be bothered with it because of all the rings, dings, and notifications from our handy-dandy cellular devices. Helpful? Yes. Informative? Definitely. Bothersome? Come on, let’s agree that sometimes being tied to the phone, the internet, and constant contact, are kind of a burden. And yet, when given the chance, to get away from it all, most people are pained to put the phone away. But when at camp…

Here at Sacramento you will probably notice that cell phone service is not readily available. And you will notice the lack of service on your drive up the mountain. The small population in our area still does not warrant a cell tower to provide for the area. Some coverage through one provider is possible at Skippers and the Dining Hall, but it can quickly get overloaded with people, and become harder to make a phone call. And while we do have Wifi , it is limited to only certain buildings, and becomes slower to access with more people trying to get on. So nature and the quiet become your other companions at camp. I am here to tell you, this is not a bad thing. I repeat, not a bad thing.

Imagine how much work you can get done without your cell phone ringing? Imagine how many interruptions you can be spared? Imagine how relaxed you might feel without the nagging of social media to post your location every single hour. Imagine a conversation with your family member or a friend over a meal when their phone isn’t blocking their face? Sound pretty nice, huh?

But it’s not just at camp, it’s also the drive to camp and from camp. It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to get to town (longer if you choose somewhere other than Alamogordo), and most camp families go to town about once a week. So the drive also becomes a time to unplug. Some of our staff cranks the music and sings along. Many of the couples at camp use it as catch up time. Some use their time unplugged to get plugged back in and listen to sermons. Some of our staff uses the time to think, or practice their British accent, but I’m not naming names. But, time unplugged is always time well spent.

Our camp motto is “Come to the mountain, let God refresh your soul.” Part of that refreshment is being back in nature, away from everyday schedules, alarms, and phones. It’s a fabulous feeling to sit looking over camp, watching the deer graze on the field, listening to kids, and probably the ducks, play, and have nothing else to do. It gives you the chance to enjoy that second cup of coffee, listen to the wind in the trees, and be refreshed by the stillness of God. So put the phones down and look up. The stars out here are a sight to behold.


We understand that phones can not always be left behind while up in the mountains. If you need to make a call, or are expecting a  call, let our office know. Emergency situations arise and we do have land lines and internet for that reason.