As the camp photographer, I get the fun job of showcasing the very best of camp; the highlight reel. All the top moments I want to capture. The July 4th Parade, the Horse Camp Showdeos, the giant swing look of shock, the big splash at the end of the Slip n’Slide. I get to capture and present all of the most fun moments. So when I show you this slide show of our staff through the summer, know that I missed so much. The hot and tiring work of the kitchen, and all the toilets and showers scrubbed? I missed that. Every-time someone took out the trash to our giant behind-the-dinning-hall garbage, affectionately know as bear cage, I missed that. The long afternoons in the office full of phone calls and returning emails, I missed that.

But many of my favorite moments couldn’t even be captured by film anyway. Watching one camper come up to another and ask if they could pray with them, and then watching as they walked through a beautiful open eyed prayer together, I didn’t get a picture. Listening to the beautiful gospel harmonies to an old song I sang in my choir, brought tears to my eyes, and that couldn’t be captured. Having a summer staff ask me deep questions about salvation and holiness, or one of them sharing how God spoke to them, there is no picture for that. Through all the mundane tasks, the exciting adventures, and the soft and sacred moments, God is there, doing mighty work.

Here are some of the highlight reel. Here are everyday summer moments.