Near the end of the summer, I love to capture some thoughts from our staff. I asked this question. “What’s something new you have learned this summer?”  Here are some silly answers, some serious.
Full time staff, summer staff, as well as some of our summer volunteers were asked. Enjoy the diversity of answers! 

SS: I learned how to say “Long live Greece” in Greek, “zíto Elláda'”(Ah flag game…you had to be there.)

SK: I learned that I still need more paitence (Don’t we all.)

BA: I learned how to rig and harness the pulling team for our wagon, but also that I am responsible for my own spiritual growth.

WW: ( A sixth time summer staffer, he struggled to think of something new.) I learned how to facilitate our new activity, Crate Stacking.

JO: I learned how to work and glorify God through seemingly menial tasks.

SA: I learned how to rescue people on the challenge course.

DK: I learned that I want to be Emmett, when I grow up! (Emmett is one of our lovely summer volunteers, a cool guy indeed.)

AS: I learned more about trusting God, still not a master yet, but growing!

AR: I learned how to toss kettle corn!

JN: I learned just how much a bright smile can change a persons day!

GMc: I learned this fact, that the taste of bees honey changes by what plants they pollinate. (Good to know!)

SS: I discovered that I will never tire of the dining hall cinnamon rolls. Never.

PK: I learned how to shoot a revolver.

PB: I’ve learned many new games from our summer staff.

LD: I learned how to be a lumberjack.

HP:  I found out that working hard is really rewarding.

MiS: I learned just how much a place and people in that place can change your life.

CM: I quickly learned how to pick up the pace at Snack and Gift when there are people out the door!

LS: I learned how to change the batteries in the digital thermometer. (This earned her the kitchen’s coveted ‘Brilliance Badge’)

MS: I learned many new skills, how to plumb, how to properly load bales of hay, and how to use ratchet straps!

BMc: Every year I expect a miracle, and God never lets me down. This summer is no exception.


And because I really hate being left out, here are some things I’ve learned. In all fairness, it’s not new, but it is still just as poignant for summer number six. Camp bonds are lifelong. It happens in the blink of an eye, but inside jokes, crazy games, and a shared summer, really is enough to become friends. It’s enough to make you want to transfer schools, move across the country, be in a long distance relationship. Ask some of our lovebird summer staffers. Or ask me, someone who met their spouse at camp and did exactly that. Every single summer, I come to the same conclusion. It is a privilege to work with young people who are still making big decisions for their future. It is such a privilege to work at camp.


Who says you can’t learn something in the summer?