It’s July. Which seems impossible, but if I were to take a beat and realize how tired I am, I think it would indeed feel like mid summer. If I don’t take a moment to catch my breath, it will be gone too soon. If we all don’t take a moment to slow down, the best parts of life will pass us by. Take a moment with me to stop and smell camp.

I pass by a group of excited horse campers in the morning and they smell like sunscreen.

I walk past the field and it smells like fresh cut grass.

As I head to my car in the evening, I can smell the campfire at the amphitheater.

I can also smell smoke in the air, (thankfully a controlled burn nearby, but definitely a summer smell.)

I catch a whiff of the pond which has just been stirred up by paddle-boating campers; maybe not the most pleasant smell, but certainly a memorable one.

I can smell rain, accompanied by dark clouds in the east, and a slight chill in the air. A shower is on the way.

I can smell a skunk passing by my window in the evening, reminding me that, yep, I do live in the mountains.

And just the other day, smelling burger patties hot on the grill, the aroma met me at my hungriest.

And maybe my favorite smell of all, exiting the office toward Forrest Lodge, it’s almost intoxicating, the scent of Spanish Broom wafting toward you.

There are many smells accompanied with summer, and camp, and while it is easy to let the everyday wash over us, I want to leave us with a challenge. Let’s stop and smell the roses, literally, we have them growing around camp. Let’s take small moments to be aware of the little things that give life color, give it scent, that make our world more three dimensional. We are blessed to be in the mountains, blessed to have smells that remind of seasons in life.