I’ve had babies on the brain as of late. Due in part because we just added two beautiful little girls to our Sacramento Camp Family, and probably because I myself am expecting a baby. But I hope it’s also because Christmas is all about love incarnate, fleshed out in a precious baby. Reading through the Christmas story, I think often of Mary, about to be a mother, but mother to no ordinary child. She would bear a Son, who was the King of all.

Being pregnant, I can tell you that thinking about motherhood occupies your mind constantly. Will I be a good mother? Will I lose my temper? Will my baby be healthy? And how will I handle exhaustion? I’m sure Mary had these thoughts too. I’m sure she had even more concerns. How will my child show Himself the King? Can I raise a King with the meager money my carpenter husband makes? How would they teach Him the Scriptures? How would they tell people He is the Son of God? Would they?

Right after the shepherds came to see the Holy Child, and they went to spread the Good News all over Bethlehem, a short, sweet verse stays in my mind…

“But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.”

Luke 2:19

At this point, not many people on earth knew Jesus was the Son of God. Mary and Joseph, Elizabeth and Zechariah probably, some Shepherds and anyone who would listen in Bethlehem, some wise men from the east, King Herod had an inkling, a devout man named Simeon, a faithful prophetess named Anna, and that was probably it. Mary treasured up all the things a new mother does. The first time her baby looked into her eyes, the fact that angels were present at the birth and told local shepherds about her child. I’m sure she thought it was so funny to have a King in a stable. But her faithfulness tells us she trusted God with all her questions. And she pondered, or weighed them, in her mind. She kept them close, she kept them quiet. She basically birthed the world’s only true superhero and kept it under wraps. But I have some great news guys. IT’S NOT A SECRET ANYMORE!

From the moment Mary encouraged her Son to perform His first miracle at a wedding, we’ve been trusted to spread the news. Ya know, “Go Tell It On The Mountain” and all that jazz! That long and lonely exile is over, because the Son of God is here! So tell your neighbor, tell your friend, tell your co-worker. Share the news, Jesus is born, He is here!