Have you ever sat back and listened to the people of God singing together? In the middle of worship at our Christian Camping Conference for our region, I stood there and listened for a brief moment as we sang acapella, without instruments. The sound was among the top most beautiful sounds in my life. It sounded like a rehearsed choir, loud but in tune, sweet and perfect harmonies; the joy in the chorus of voices was palpable. And yet, the room was filled with a bunch of “ordinary camp people”, those like us who are serving every day in a different ministry.

There were camps there that serve foster children, special needs individuals, those coming out of sex trafficking, families, at-risk youth, and those in the armed forces. We cook, we clean, we schedule, we fix plumbing, we do everyday tasks, and yet it’s called ministry. Why? Because our goal at the end of the day is not to rake in the dough, and let me assure you, we aren’t. Our goal is people, and bringing them to a place to meet Christ. It’s tough to give day in and out, to miss church, community, and down-time. It’s tough to skip holidays, and family time, and instead pour out to others. But nights like the evening worship at CCCA, brought a sense of refreshment to my own soul.

If you were to look around the room that night, you would have seen a bunch of tired camp staff, worrying about making ends meet, concerned about new state regulations, praying that God would help them staff for summer, or praising God to be there at all. Yet in worship, our weary souls find rest. It is good to be reminded of the other ministries that exist beside our own, to see that God is moving here and there. And that our brothers and sisters at other camps, need out prayer. Our God is doing work among the nations world-wide through camp ministry. And in a room full of believers who are both tired, like us, and have faith that God will act, like us, there is no greater joy. It makes me look forward to the crowds singing his praise in heaven, to join the saints who have sown into the kingdom of God.