Laura Smith is a near and dear friend of camp. She teaches 3rd grade, but most summers we get her here in the kitchen, and more recently as a Camp Dean for Promise Seekers. We love having her as both a part of our staff and as a dean for camps. We thought we would take some time to talk about this upcoming summer with Laura!
1. How long have you been coming/working/camp dean at camp?
I’ve been coming to camp since I was about 9 years old. This is my 12th summer in the kitchen and 4th summer as camp dean. 
2.What does camp mean to you?
Camp is my home away from home. It’s a place where I can reconnect with friends and my faith. Upon entering camp groups my spiritual self immediately relaxes and begins to fill itself with the amazing spirit that is always felt at Sacramento.
3.Why is camp so important in this day and age?
Camp is important because it provides a place to kids and adults alike to unplug from their daily lives and fill themselves with peace, faith, and love.
4. Why did you choose teaching as a career path?
I’ve known since the 6th grade that I was going to be a teacher. Despite the difficulties of the job, I know it is where God calls me to be. It is my own form of ministry.
5. Why did you decide to volunteer to be a camp dean?
Funnily enough, I didn’t plan on being a camp dean. I fully intended to say no if I was ever asked. God truly spoke through me when I said yes to being a camp dean.
6. What is the theme/ verse this year for Promise Seekers?
Our theme is Footsteps in Faith. We will cover 4 different bible stories telling of people who stepped out in faith.
7. What can we expect from Promise Seekers this year?
We’re going to have a great week listening to Wes Putnam tell bible stories, playing games, riding horses, eating great food, and even having a movie night on the recreation field.
8. Favorite Book?
My favorite book is a series called A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers. It’s about a young woman trying to live her faith in a world where Christians were crucified, burned, or fed to lions in the Roman coliseums
9. What is your favorite thing to make in the kitchen?
My favorite thing to make in the kitchen is butterfinger pie!
And we sure do love eating it too! We are so thankful for Laura, and all of our Camp Deans that make camp possible!