I love summer staffers. I just do. I love their energy, that youthful- stay-up-all-night-and-still-get-up-early, energy. I love their willingness to try new things, whether that is doing a job they have never done before, or new foods, or new games. I love their hard work, getting trained on the challenge course, which is physically taxing, or their Range Safety Officer course which is soooo much information. I love that they spend a summer with us in the middle of nowhere working at a camp. I love that at the end of a summer, they have put many miles on the camp vehicles, many steps across camp, and that they can’t even count how many toilets they have cleaned. I love that of all the ways they could have spent a summer, they chose here; well I guess God ordained, here.

I believe in the power of camp. I believe that a summer experience can change the course of your life. Not just for a camper who commits their life to Christ, but also to the summer staffer who finds that camp ministry is a calling, or that for the rest of your life you want to serve in some capacity. Or it can just be one summer in eternity, that God used you to impact others. Yes, that is the power of camp, and we have adults still returning who have been to camp since they were young children, because camp is impactful.

Yep. I believe in the power of challenge courses, that set you just outside of your comfort level, so you can learn how strong you are and how amazing your team can be. I believe in trail rides, because some things are best seen from the back of a horse. I believe in mud volleyball, because at least once in your life you should be covered head to toe in mud. And I believe in campfires, and seeing an unobstructed sky of stars. Yes, I believe experiences are the greatest life lessons, and that is why at camp we do what we do, all summer, and yes all year.

It’s one weekend, one week, or one summer of eternity.