Our staff making the best of a wet situation



When some people come to Sacramento in the summer, they are often surprised by the rain. Their surprise is understandable.  Most of our guests travel  through the desert to finally arrive at our mountain destination. When it rains, more often than not, it will be an afternoon shower, coming from a morning of sunshine and cloudless blue skies. These summer showers that start about mid June going till mid September is called Monsoon season. Monsoon season can mean a rapid onset of hard pelting rain with temperatures dropping down about 20 degrees from what it once was. And of course the  lightning and thunder are constant companions to the rain. It can sometimes disrupt the day’s schedule and send everyone indoors until the storm passes. But after the rains are over, we might even see the sun and warm weather again!

While the rain may change plans, and send muddy, playing kids inside, we can’t forget that the rain makes this camp green. It turns tiny plants ( read: weeds) into eye-high shrubs seemingly overnight. It helps feed livestock  grazing all over this mountain, including our own herd of horses here at camp. And yes, the lightning might spark a forest fire, but it’s those very rains that can also bring relief to the flames.

Some of our music campers waiting out the rain before their trailride.

Isaiah 45:8

“Drip down, O heavens, from above, And let the clouds pour down righteousness; Let the earth open up and salvation bear fruit, And righteousness spring up with it. I, the LORD, have created it.”

The spiritual comparisons of seasons of rain and what it means for our souls, are too blatant to ignore! Sometimes our greatest most fruitful seasons in life are those filled with firm, pelting drops of cold rain, met with loud thunder and bright clashes of light. The Lord is in them, The Lord is behind them, The Lord controls them. There is a reason God compares the clouds to righteousness; that it is exactly what rains bring about. Our Monsoon seasons rarely bring about sprinkling rain, sometimes the rain overtakes you, and soaks you down to the bone. But in all things, give thanks. We thank God for the rain, for the beautiful afternoons filled with rain showers that bring wildflowers, tall grass, and the smell of  New Mexico soil after being drenched by a monsoon flood.

Maybe your plans didn’t include a thunderstorm in the afternoon, but you can be assured that God’s did! If you have never experienced summer rain in the mountains, I can promise you it will do your soul good.