Pardon me while I ramble, but that is the nature of a blog.

We’ve been in the daily grind for a while, and it seems we are just coming up for air. We lift our head out the the foxhole as if to ask, are the people still coming? Indeed they are, but no longer in droves. And the respite causes me to think, to reflect. The job we do around here is more than just a job because this place is more than a business.

Maybe you don’t think of Sacramento in that way, but indeed it is. We have budgets and bills to pay, and staff waiting for that paycheck. Our staff show up to work at 8:00 am sharp, or 8:30 if there is breakfast, reporting for work everyday. They have meetings, and that to-do list, and phone calls and emails to answer. It’s very much a business. But then again it’s more than that.

We are a non profit. A religious entity. We are a ministry. Which makes our jobs more than a job, and work more than just a paycheck. And that work we do? Well, it’s a seed being sown somehow and someway, that we may never see come to fruition. All the repairs made to buildings, the replacing of water heaters, the fixing of the refrigerator, the fresh clean sheets put on beds daily, these are seeds planted for harvest, maybe years away. Sometimes we are only now being made aware of the impact of camp 30 years ago. Only time will tell the impact we have on our current guests, in the future!

But even then, sometimes it’s easy to view our day to day as means to an end. But in the light of eternity, that just simply isn’t true. We are in the process of building our new welcome center we call “The Front Porch” (lobby/ gift shop). And while it is easy to think only of the completion date, the grand opening etc., the building is a means to get to the eventual end. If you are wondering what the end is, the people are. They always have been. The people that will fill that grand room with their churches, groups, friends and family are the end goal.

Gods greatest creation is sitting right next to you

This company, ministry, family of sorts, is made up of a bunch of ends, a bunch of people with eternity’s hanging in the balance. It can be so easy, too easy, to forget that the way we treat one another is not trivial in the scheme of things; it is the goal. 

Gods greatest creation is sitting right next to you, on a plane as my current case may be, or next to you in your office, in the trench you are digging, on the building you are constructing, in the classroom you are teaching, in the household you are raising. Your coworkers, children, or the strangers in an airport are the end goal. The way we treat one another is important to God and the kingdom. The way we conduct ourselves reflects the creator to his created beings. The integrity of your work matters. The kindness you communicate to your subordinates as well as your boss, truly matters. The attitude you present to the world matters whether you work in a secular job or in ministry, because we live only in the light that Gods’ eternity provides.

The means is camping, retreats, buildings, activities, food, fellowship. The end? That’s the people we share this ministry with.

I ask you to pray for our staff to see eternity in the jobs they do, and in the places they live, and the choices they make in raising a family as part of ministry.