“We made the mess. We should clean it up.”

This is a quote from a student from Lydia Patterson Institute in El Paso, Texas, who spilled some popcorn and asked to borrow my broom. The above statement is not revolutionary, it is a principle most people try to live by, but not everyone does, which makes it remarkable when a 16 year old student realizes something so profound. LPI comes to camp pretty often, mostly workgroups who spend their time helping us with projects around camp, and man can they work. Here are the lessons we have learned from Lydia Patterson.

Laugh. And laugh often.

This group often contains a bunch of giggling girls. They laugh boldly because life can be funny, and that is worth celebrating. Their genuine smiles and laughter are so fun to be around.

Work hard.

Among some of our favorite work groups because they are not afraid of hard work, Lydia Patterson students move quickly, stay focused, and get the job done. I think the same could also be said for their academic work as well, with a rate of 95% of their students going on to college.

Be Polite.

From always saying thank you, to saying “hello Miss, how is your day?” Theses are some extremely polite students. Their kindness is noticed as they wipe down their tables at meals and volunteer to sweep their room and take our their trash before they head back down the mountain.

These bilingual, polite, hardworking, and joyful students are fun to be around, fun to have a camp, and we are so thankful for their commitment to this camp. We look forward the next visit from them!