A study done in the US showed that the average American spends 67 minutes a day eating and drinking beverages. That time decreases if you grab a cup of coffee on your way out the door for breakfast, or maybe increases during special occasion meals. But that means for an average person’s lifespan, 32,098 hours will be spent consuming food and beverages. Which is why we should make it count.

I’ve had the honor over the last month of helping in the dining hall. And what I have observed is nothing short of extraordinary. Moms know just how hard it is to make a meal that will please the masses, meet everyone’s dietary restrictions, and avoid having too much of any one thing in a menu.  So to do that on a large scale, is some feat! But what makes our kitchen that extra bit of magic, are the attitudes behind the serving line. The staff that serve meal after meal are genuinely interested (and excited about) feeding people good food.

I have the most fun watching the different personalities in the kitchen, and if you have had the chance to get to know Brenna, our food service manager, or Dena, the assistant food service manager, you know just how different they are. One treats the Sacramento recipe book as the grail, the other, more like guidelines really.  But despite their differences, they manage to bring flavor and stability to the kitchen. Some meals we are scrambling to get all our ducks in a row between timers, dishes, food orders and hungry guests. Some, we breeze through with time to spare. We hope that when you walk through the serving line, you can’t tell which is which.

Every kitchen reality show seems to play on the notoriously rude, and sometimes violent antics of chefs and those in the kitchen. That is not the case at Sacramento. There is laughter, jokes, stories, dancing (guilty) and singing (guilty again) that make up most meals. Some mornings are quiet and contemplative, some evening meals we are literally dragging ourselves around from exhaustion, but there is love in the kitchen, and that’s the main ingredient.

We make our meals to make you full; Full of flavor, full of variety, and full love. That’s the magic of our kitchen.

  When camp gets fancy, we have steak and shrimp.
Brenna trying her hand at tossing the pizza that we are famous for.
 and you know about our cinnamon rolls.