Do you know what your child will be doing this summer? Does that question send you in a panic trying to figure out how to “entertain” your kid while school is not in session? It doesn’t have to. Because this summer, we have options for age ranges elementary to high school. Whether that’s a weekend or a week, camp is the chance for a kid to explore life through the lens of the great outdoors, one with new friends, fun activities, and learning about new things!

Looking back on my first time at camp, I can remember playing basketball on the court, probably haven’t played since. I remember eating at a table with 13 other girls, food I hardly ever ate at home. I remember getting into my sleeping bag on the top bunk and spending what felt like hours listening to the moths above my head. But I also remember the sermons spoke every evening. And the hilarious performances at the talent shows. I remember cleaning our cabins for room checks, and playing the world’s best games of mission impossible and capture the flag. I remember having the best week of my young life, and returning the very next summer. Because a week of locker room showers (or going without as some boys did) and being away from my parents, gave me the opportunity of a life-time.

If you are just sitting there reading this, wondering if camp is worth it, let me tell you; it is. It is worth the memories, the new skills, and the new relationships, with others and with Christ. If you want to know that your child is going to have a summer when they can learn, grow, and experience new things, camp is that place. If you are on the fence about sending your child to camp, I hope you will remember this; Camp is where life change happens.