“Do you work here?”

Why yes I do! It’s pretty great.


We get asked heaps of questions as camp staff, like “where’s the bathroom?” ” can you make change?” and “what time is dinner?” Some are pretty easy to answer, some catch us off guard, like ” Do you have electricity?” or “Do we need to bring our own toilet paper?” The answer to former is yes, and the latter, only if you want to, but ours probably works the same.

I thought I would take some time to ask some of our staff some frequently asked, and some not so frequently asked questions.

Q: What is your favorite part about working at camp? (I’ll start off with an easy one.)


CC: Watching the passion everyone puts into all that they do.

CO: Getting to see the same groups come back year after year.

RC: Getting to be outside every day!

JE: Teaching people things they’ve never done.

HL: Seeing groups enjoy this place.

CW: The people I get to help, and the people I work with.

BS: Everyday is something different.

Q:What is the weirdest thing you’ve ever had to do at camp, as part of your job? (Many of these answers could be stories of their own.)


RC:  Spray-painting a squirrel green.

GR: Being dressed up as Lady Liberty and riding a fork lift in the 4th of July parade! (This is especially strange because he is a male staffer.)

CW: Nailing rubber snakes to a house to keep woodpeckers away.

CJW: Shooing skunks out of Laity after it had made a “mess” on a camper’s pillow.

LS: Sweeping red paint off the floor of the shop.

SS: I am now a seasoned bat catcher, that’s pretty weird.

DS: Putting my entire arm down the garbage disposal full of goo.

KM: Being harnessed and rappelling into and on top of a water tank.

CO:  Unclogging a porta-potty urinal… thankfully just toilet paper.

Q: What question do you get asked the most often while on the job? (I will write the answer to these questions because well, it’s good to know!)


RM: What’s the wi-fi password? (The password is sacrament, and there are signs written with login information posted around campus for your convenience.)

AS: What’s for supper? (That depends, but I promise you it will be good!)

BP: When is Snack and Gift open? ( Again, this depends, but there are signs located on most of the buildings with Snack and Gift opening times.)

CC: How do you make the horse go again? (Step 1.  Let off the reins because currently you are braked, Step 2. Give some noise indicating you would like them to move, Step 3. squeeze against the side of the horse with your legs, gently at first until the horse has started to walk.)

LS: (While standing in the dish room) Are these cups clean? (No, the clean cups can be found next to the drink machines. The cups in the dish room are about to be washed by our lovely staff.)

ZC: Can we have seconds? (As long as everyone has been served, and we still have food to serve, we will!)

CMc: Do you let just people come up to camp? or do you have to be part of a group? ( Yup, just people are welcome here, just make sure to let us know you are coming. FAQ Part 2 will deal with Guest Service questions. Stay tuned!)

Q: What is your favorite meal served in the dinning hall?


LS: Cinnamon roll breakfast.

RM: Grilled cheese and tomato soup.

CW: Chicken sandwiches on a pretzel bun with sweet potato fries.

MW: Monte Cristo Sandwhiches (We haven’t seen this one is a long-time, maybe they need to bring it back? :))

RC: Ohh the maccarroni and cheese, and the buttery cornbread, and the garden rice, and the pizza!

SS: Chicken Cordon Bleu

HL: Beef Stroganoff

CMc: Spaghetti Squash. No, pizza day!


We are about to wrap up our last week of camp and we all just want to say it has been a pleasure serving you all this summer. For all the crazy and monotonous tasks that are done to make camp work, it has been fun, memorable, and a joy.  We’ll see you next year!


The Sacramento Staff