Dear Volunteer,

You have chosen to spend your well earned vacation days, here at camp. It takes a lot of guts to even get in a van with a bunch of teenagers, let alone spend a week with them! If you are a male volunteer, you will have to stay in a room with a bunch of boys. They can sometimes smell, have trouble sitting still, and still think farts are funny. If you are a female volunteer, you might have to fight for an open space in the shower at 5 AM, mediate teenage drama, and listen to the latest gossip about the some teenage heart throb. You might have to wait in line for a while to get your food. You might miss out on some much needed sleep. You might be away from your spouse, or your children. You might be (most likely will be) away from your cellphone service and your Netflix streaming. But you will get to witness life change while here in the mountains, and that’s a pretty good trade.

You will be in the midst of hundreds of kids praising God, unashamed! Watching a city kid see pine trees for the first time, maybe even their first time riding a horse. You might even get to hit that “one kid” in youth group with arrows during archery tag. Watching friendships form and youth groups bond, you will be in the middle of it all.That kid who has thrown paper airplanes across the congregation during church service, he is here this week, hearing the gospel. The girl who has struggled to see herself the way God does, is hearing about the deep love of the Father, for her. The kid spending the week in Laity dorm right now, just might become a camp director someday, that certainly happened to Bill McCuaig. And here is the kicker, your future church leaders are here now, our future Christians and our current young Christians are here right now, waiting to be discipled, waiting to learn just how to do this walk-with-Christ thing. Show them.

To all our first time volunteers, and our frequent flyers, Thank you. For the parent who couldn’t bear to send their kids without them, come and volunteer, we have room for you. For the adult who wants to be involved with youth, but doesn’t know how, camp at Sacramento is definitely the way to go. Camp can not happen without you, our adult sponsors. Wherever you may fall on that spectrum, you are appreciated more than you know!


Sincerely, Sacramento

P.S. To all our volunteer camp nurses, please know that there is a special place in heaven for you.

We are always looking for more volunteers for every single session we offer in the summer, so please fill out the form (and take Safe Sanctuaries ), hop in the church van, and come to camp. It will be a life changing week for you too!
Please peruse our website for information and videos from this summer!