Dear First Time Camper,

Are you a little nervous? It’s okay. Going to new places is always a little nerve wracking. You may miss mom and dad, your siblings, and even the dog. But this week, this time up here in the mountains, it’s going to be the best week ever. You wanna know how I know? Because I was once a camper too. In fact, I loved camp so much as a kid, it’s where I work now that I’m grown.

Let me tell you a little bit about how we have been preparing for you to get here. First of all, we have been praying for you. Yep we pray for campers all the time. We may not even know your name yet, but we have it on our hearts to pray that this week challenges you to grow, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. We pray for your safety. We pray for your trip here. We pray for God to work in your life.

Second, we hire the best summer staff. They come to us from all over, but everyone we hire is super excited to work at camp. And not two seconds after they get here are we training them for their jobs. Some of our staff is being trained to become facilitators on the challenge course. They learn about ropes and harnesses, and zip lines. Some of our staff learn to conquer their fear of heights; and they learn about trusting their own harnesses and hardware. But not only do they learn about zip lines, but they are trained on the shooting range, and arrow tag, and laser tag, and the slip and slide.

Our staff also learns how to clean all the rooms, bathrooms, and common areas. They work really quickly turning around rooms from one group to the next camp, to the next group. So when you see our staff taking out your trash, you can say thanks, because they would love to hear that! Some of our staff is trained to work with our horses, for trail rides and horse camps, and driving the wagon. But not just the fun stuff, they also feed the horses, groom them, and bring them in from the pasture long before you even wake up.

And at every meal, when you head to the dining hall, you can know that they have made the food with love. Every time you hear some one pray “bless the hands who prepared it” you can think of them. Our staff wakes up super early to make breakfast. Yep. Including those delicious cinnamon rolls you are going to taste. And, they stay late to clean up after meals. But guess what? You are so worth it. Yes you, first time camper. We do it all for the glory of God, so that you, dear camper, might know the abundance of His love.


A Life Long Summer Staffer