It’s February and you know what that means. Your places of work are filled with pink paper hearts and flowers and most importantly, chocolate. It’s also the time when people feel compelled, or maybe are elated to show their love to the world. How about I keep with the theme and tell you all about camp love? Because it happens more than you might think. In my own life, I can name 30 couples I know that met at camp. My roommate in college was not allowed to work at camp because her dad called it “summer-romance- camp”. But let me tell you why I think it is the best place to meet your spouse, and I’m not bias, not at all.

My first summer working at camp, It was 60 other college students from all across the country. It was like the best part of school, hanging out with your friends, but with none of the school work. We were young, full of energy, and it was summer time. I was working the early morning shift in the dinning hall, and even though the work of serving 2000 guests 3 times a day was tiring, I still wanted to spend my free time in the sun hanging with the Recreation Staff. They were the ones getting to send kids off the zip-line, or play paint ball with the campers, or go on hikes; that’s where the fun was, and that’s where the cute guy was.

I spent my time hanging out with the Rec. Staff, volunteering, and getting to know the guy in charge of the Recreation Staff. He was quiet, calm, adventurous, responsible and kind. And because he was spending his time at a Christian camp, I knew that his heart desired to serve others. Christian camps are the jackpot for girls like me. And almost 5 years into marriage, I’m still sure I hit the jackpot.

All my summers since, I have watched friends be made, that turn into boyfriends and girlfriends, and then eventually husband and wife. It always makes me smile, because you don’t necessarily expect a summer to turn into a lifetime. That’s one reason why I think that spending a summer working at camp is a fantastic choice. This next month we will be celebrating the wedding of some of our own former summer staff turned full-time. It will be a joy to watch them commit to each other for a life time. My husband and I will be there, praising God for camp love.