We live in a world where there is a Starbucks on one corner, and a local fair-trade-organic coffee shop on another. Having a hot, yummy fancy drink, has become less of a treat and more of an everyday occurrence. But up here this past fall, in the crisp autumn air, with birds singing, leaves falling, and sweaters being donned, we had no pumpkin spice latte. Until Now!


Sacramento Camp has experimented recently with having our very own gourmet coffee shop called Fireside Coffee. For three weekends, we’ve appealed to our young, our tired, our cafe enthusiasts with lattes, fraps, pour overs, and more. From among our multi-talented staff, and our favorite summer staffer-barista, we have Macgyvered our way into the world of roasted coffee beans and foamy milk.  Each opening was a chance to find out if we had interest in our products.


Featuring Milagros coffee beans, out of Las Cruces, we had the chance to support a local business. The espresso made using those beans and a mocha pot (a type of percolator), were the base for our drinks. Featuring a variety of different flavored syrups and chocolates, chances are, at Fireside Coffee, customer favorites can be made.


However, a coffee shop is no small endeavor. It requires some very specific and very expensive items (go ahead…google commercial espresso machines). Making espresso and steaming milk is an art, and getting a consistent flavor is a delicate balance. Both of these facets make barista training vitally important to the drink you will pick up on the bar when they read your often misspelled name. It’s a lot of work. But, coffee is fun. It’s relaxing. And while sitting on top of a picturesque mountain with people you hold dear, a cup of your favorite yummy fancy coffee might just be the cherry on top of a perfect moment. After all, we’re the best coffee in Sacramento.


*As we try to feel out the coffee biz, give us some feedback. If you think a coffee shop here at Sacramento would make this mountain top experience even better, let us know!