Doing a summer of camp involves many, many, many moving parts. There are the full time staff who act as a backbone to the structure of camp. There are the part time staff with vital tasks that act like an immune system, making sure there is not too much strain on any of the other parts. There is summer staff, that act as hands and feet, literally serving, cleaning, and and getting things done. There are volunteers who act as lungs, breathing new life into this place, our donors, the very heart of camp, our guests, the blood that make this body full of life. And then there are the things around camp; not living breathing things, but necessary things… like our dishwasher.

Recently we had a thunderstorm, not much rain, not very long, but powerful enough to cause the power at camp to go out. And even though the power did not stay out very long, the outage caused an electrical short in the dishwasher, which caused the dishwasher to go out of commission. The dishwasher, though a small machine in camp by comparison, has a remarkably large impact on the rest of camp. Every guest needs dishes, every meal preparation uses dishes, and all the dishes need to be cleaned. With over 300 people in camp, that really (pun intended) piles up.

So we switched to disposable dishes for guests, many of our staff pitched in to help, and more hours were worked that day; but that friends, is the body of Christ.

“If one member suffers, all suffer together; if one member is honored, all rejoice together.”

1 Corinthians 12:26

We do this camp thing as a team, and greater still, we do life as a team. When the repair man showed up the next day, he was the honorary “favorite person of the day” and you bet we were thankful for his skills. Rejoicing together, because the dishwasher was restored! All these moving parts have one true function at the end of the day, and that is that the world may know Him more. We are thankful for all the moving parts, that make up this beautiful body of Christ. We are thankful for repairmen, and disposable plates, dishwashers and yes, even thunderstorms. Every single moving part.