Ever wonder what a crazy Saturday looks like for us? I’m going to run you through the schedule of a typical day at camp. The really crazy thing is, when summer hits, this isn’t just a Saturday, this is everyday. Summer here we come!

5:45 AM: The horses are gathered from the pasture.

6:00 AM:  The kitchen staff arrive at kitchen to get the most important meal of the day started. Meal count 229. Which means 458 eggs cracked. Let’s add 30 extra just to be safe.

6:30 AM: The herd is now being groomed and saddled and prepped for a day of trail-rides.

7:00 AM: Activities staff is getting ATV’s gassed up and ready. Laser tag is being set up. RC Cars are getting pulled out.

7:30 AM: Housekeeping staff is getting laundry washed for the upcoming turn around and even in preparation for summer.

8:00 AM: Breakfast is served. Most staff are getting breakfast along with guests.

8:30 AM: Staff sets off on their day! (BTW, phones are already ringing in the office).

Radio Chatter

8:45 AM: Bill enjoys a cup of coffee with a guest and explains more about the upcoming projects around camp.

9:00-10:30 AM: Guests enjoy trail-rides, ATV’s, laser tag, disc golf, RC cars, and paddle-boats.

9:00 AM: Bill taking a meeting with a guest.

9:15 AM: Housekeeping collects trash from around camp.

9:30 AM: Bill taking a meeting with a guest who is here for camp.

9:45 AM: Office staff are helping answer guest questions about locations around camp.

Radio Chatter

10:00 AM: Kitchen staff has the changing of the guards, unless they are working lunch too. Breakfast is cleaned up and lunch preparation begins. Meal count 235.

Radio Chatter

10:30-12:00 AM: Guests enjoy trail-rides, ATV’s, laser tag, disc golf, paddle-boats, and archery.

11:00 AM: Bill is working on the tree grant, cutting down trees on the Springs Property.

11:15 AM: Housekeeping is now folding and reorganizing the linen room, getting laundry ready for summer staff housing.

12:00 PM: Lunch is served! Staff may run a little late, trying to get their tasks done on time. Horses are watered.

Radio Chatter

1:00-2:30 PM: Guests enjoy ATV’s, roller skating, laser tag, disc-golf, paddle- boats, and trail-rides.

1:15 PM: Guests are entering the office to pay for some activities.

2:00-3:00 PM:  Kitchen staff has cleaned up lunch and take about an hour break before preparing for supper at 3:00.

2:30-4:00 PM: Guests enjoy arrow tag, laser tag, paddle-boats, trail-rides, and ATV’s.

3:15 PM: A guest’s room request is attended to by the housekeeping staff.

Radio Chatter

4:00-5:30 PM: Guests enjoy trail-rides, ATV’s, roller skating, paddle-boats, and RC cars.

4:15 PM: Guest need is met by the office staff.

5:30 PM: Supper is served. Guest count 230. Staff is putting away activities. Horses are unsaddled.

6:00 PM: Preparations for the night’s campfire with s’mores have been made in the dining hall. S’mores count 100.

6:10 PM: Making sure the horses that need extra grain have been fed, the horses are turned out to graze. Clean up around HQ.

6:15-8:00 PM: Snack and Gift is open for guests to shop and peruse.

8:10 PM: The sound booth is being used for a talent show put on by the group. One of our staff goes to help them with sound.

8:15 PM: Kitchen staff have finished putting all the food away, all dishes have been cleaned and put back, and any preparation needed for breakfast has been made.

And now you know why if possible, Sunday afternoons are for naps. After all, that’s when God rested.