To say that the summer I worked at camp changed my life would be a understatement. It changed the course of my life completely. I am not saying that it’s the same for everyone who works at camp, but a summer of service can lead to a life of service, and that is a great investment. In the summer of 2013, I took a job working in the kitchen of a summer camp. The camp was not Sacramento, but also located in the mountains of New Mexico. And although I had lived in New Mexico almost all my life, the mountain summer air, the blue skies, the warm sunshine and the shade of the tall pines, made it feel magical.

I spent most of my days that summer waking up before the sun, walking in the darkness to the kitchen and sleepily putting on an apron to start making food for a thousand people (no joke). The other summer staff would mutter yawns of hello, and for sometime we would work in silence until we had finally gotten the sleep out of our systems.  We would hustle through the day cooking food for the masses, and cleaning up afterward; all the while singing, dancing and goofing around. We were so happy to be hanging out with our new camp friends, that we did not mind the work. And in the afternoons, when our shift was over, the mountain was ours. Climbing the nearby peaks, hammocking in the trees taking naps, or trips in to town. It was the best break for college semesters.

That summer I spent time hiking in the mountains, getting a chaco tan, taking less showers, smelling like a whole host of food, turning strangers into friends, some of my dearest friends, and turning one of those dear friends into my husband (but that’s a story for another time). That was also the summer that a sweet chapter of my life closed, and another one leading to a life in camp ministry began.  It was a summer of service, being in the word with others, and worshipping with thousands of youth. It was a well spent summer. There are many ways you can spend a summer, but some ways are better than others. Working at camp is that better option.

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