Spring in New Mexico is not the most glorious season. It’s usually characterized by turbulent wind, a beautiful sunny day followed by a snow storm, and since much of the state is brown, we miss much of the spring buds. I suppose that is one of the beautiful things about Sacramento; we do have trees that blossom. We are blessed with many apple trees, a couple of plum trees, and an apricot tree, if you know where to look. And if the timing is just right, and the last freeze is before the buds bloom, we are blessed with an abundance of fruit. But springtime does not last long around here. By the time you get used to the warmer days and the beautiful white buds, the buds are replaced by green leaves, and summer is in full swing. While last year Sacramento, and most of the world, experienced anything but a normal year, this spring is looking brighter!

This spring our county wide restrictions were loosened a bit, and little by little things like the modified version of food service and limited activity numbers were changed so we could operate a bit more normally! We’ve also been able to book many weeks full of family/ church gatherings despite not being able to have our conference camps. We’ve been able to hire summer staff and more year round staff, which adds so much back to this camp family. And on that note, our camp family is growing in other ways as well. By October of this year, we will have 9 camp kids ages 5 and under (Sacramento Day-Care anyone?)

And on top of that, we have a new building, the Family Life Center, that is already housing guests and meetings. This building has opened up Sacramento to be able to host many more souls! Despite the hard year of 2020, God has continued to be faithful. Things have changed dramatically from what we anticipated or planned for, but His goodness is still so evident. God still longs to have relationship with his people, and people are still desirous for in-person relationships with others. Camps across the country had a very hard year, but it is plain to see that people are longing for connection, and we are honored to spring into action for another great season on the mountain!