Every year our staff has an incredible opportunity to attend a conference dedicated to Christian camping. It’s a bunch of people who work in camping coming together. There are specific breakout sessions for the many roles in camp ministry as well as nightly worship and meals together. The Christian camping world is kind of small, so for many of us it’s a reunion of sorts. It’s also great to see what other camps are doing in their ministries.

For 3 days, camping people from all over the region come together at one camp to learn, network, and relax. This may seem an odd thing for camping folks to do since we actually live where other people come to get away. But in Christian camping, breaks from ministry are a rarity. When work is home, and home is not that far from work, and your coworkers are your neighbors, it never really stops. Camp ministry is a lifestyle. A lifestyle that involves living remotely and sometimes missing church and other community activities. When most people are on vacation, we are at our most busy. This is why CCCA (Christian Camp and Conference Association) is so vital to the health and well being of our camp.

Every single member of our staff love what we do. We think that camp ministry is important to our communities, the kids, youth, and adults who come onto campus, and important to the Kingdom of God. It’s hard work, but it is really¬†fun. So when the occasion arrises to load up our families and caravan up to another Christian camp, we do so with glee! So while Bill & Cindy hold down the fort, we will worship, bond, learn new things, and be refreshed. What ever mountain top God brings you to, He means it as a chance to bring renewal to your souls.


A huge “Thank you” to Bill and our board for sending their staff to CCCA sectionals, and considering it vital to do so!